Showing Off In Good Deeds

The Messenger of Allah said: “The
slightest bit of showing off in good works is as if
worshipping others with Allah” [Hakim)

if you work for a company then go to their
competitor to get your salary do you think the
Competitor will pay you?


A man hires a servant but instead of doing work
around his house he’s always running errands for
the neighbours. Who should he expect will pay his wages?


When we do good deeds to make Allah
happy, He will reward us with Jannah insha’Allah,
But if we do those deeds in order for other people to
praise us then why we should expect Allah
to compensate us for what was not done for Him?


Thus, he who shows off in doing good deeds is
setting up partners with Allah by seeking
their appreciation rather than Allah’s.

  • When a Muslim does a good deed that he intends
    to conceal but Allah reveals it, then he should admit i it and thank Him for it, That will not be
    showing off. For example, if asked if one is fasting.
    and one is, then one should say Praise be to Allah